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Become a Member

How do I get a membership? The easiest way to join is to come to one of our Guest Speaker events, and purchase a membership there. Otherwise, you can always come to our office in Kårallen, "Uffe", and talk with us there. Uffe is located on the main entrance floor between Kårservice and ESN on the left hand side.

How much does it cost? Membership is valid for one school year, and costs 30 kr.

What do I get with my membership? With membership in UF Linköping, you can go see all of our guest speakers, join us on our travels, and attend all our events.

Sounds great. Anything else? As a member of UF Linköping, you also have the opportunity to attend events with UF Sverige (UFS/SAIA). UF Linköping is part of UFS – the Swedish Association of International Affairs, whose other members include UF Gothenburg, UF Jönköping, UF Luleå, UF Malmö, UF Örebro, UF Södertörn, UF Stockholm, UF Uppsala, UPF Lund, UPF Umeå, UF Karlstad, UF Växjo and UF Linköping. Sometimes, events with UF member sections are open to members from the UFS partnership as well!

Welcome to UF Linköping and UFS!